"By Far, Our Best Wedding Investment"

Rosemary & Arjay Visaya

"Our wedding day was perfect, and it was largely thanks to Ashley & her Event Solutions Team. We booked Event Solutions for the full-service package, which seemed like a small price to pay because we hired her about 18 months before our desired wedding date. Out of all of our wedding expenses - this one was the most important and most useful! She is extremely organized and always available. Event Solutions helped us decide on vendors without being biased. They would meet with vendors for us, since most of the meetings needed to be M-Thurs during the day (we both work), and then meet with us at our convenience to let us know exactly how each meeting went & what our options were. From the start, we began to describe to Ashley & Nicole our "vision" of our wedding day. I'll never forget walking into the reception and being amazed at how stunning/beautiful everything looked. Ashley & her team helped us save a lot of time, money, and most importantly stress. She works with many of the wedding vendors in Houston, but does not push you to choose one or the other, and is always very professional. Because of Ashley's experience, she has a great grasp of how much things should cost & will let you know how much is appropriate for each budget item depending on what you have in mind. Nothing was missed at our wedding. Nothing went wrong. Every event was on time, and was even better than we imagined. Either Ashley or one of her staff was by our side every step of the way. They all have the minute by minute itinerary & two-way head sets. She answers emails, texts, and phone calls as soon as possible. At the end of our wedding, we were even a little sad that we would no longer be working with her and her Event Solutions team because we don't have another event on this grand of a scale. Ashley and her team will do everything they can to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. This was truly the best decision my husband and I made for our wedding."

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